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Capturing Earth's Beauty through Nature Photography

Have fun picking up a number of basic digital photography tips to enhance your nature photography with just a few lenses, filters, and a tripod. I simplify for the beginning photographer how to work with the aperture and speed to make the most of lighting and depth for scenery, animals, butterflies and flowers.

I have a special section describing how to create a backyard studio with a variety of feeders and plants to attract birds and butterflies.

Be better prepared in the wilderness by learning how to react when encountering wildlife and read how I walked away unharmed after an encounter with two cougars.

Explore with me numerous hiking trails around Colorado's breathtaking terrain through hundreds of photos and helpful pointers. Learn how to approach the mighty 'fourteeners' (mountains over 14,000 ft.) and perhaps have your own spiritual experience in God's vast creation.

I hope my gallery can provide you with some inspiration along your creative journey.

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What's New on Colorado Photo Hikes
Keeps you informed of the latest additions to the Colorado Photo Hikes Web site.

Scenic Hiking Trails in the Colorado Springs Area
View photos illustrating beautiful hiking trails in the Colorado Springs area and get helpful information on them.

Scenic Hiking Trails on Colorado's Fourteeners
View photos illustrating beautiful hiking trails on Colorado's fourteeners and get helpful information on them.

Scenic Hiking Trails in Colorado
View photos illustrating beautiful hiking trails in Colorado and get helpful information on them.

Beginning Photography Tips and Equipment
Advice about filters and lightweight tripods for hiking and beginning photography tips for outdoor lighting conditions.

Bird Photography Made Easy in Your Backyard
See what feeders and food draw birds close to home, making it easy to engage in bird photography

Photographing and Attracting Butterflies
Create a garden butterflies love and learn how to photograph these stunning insects in the wild. Read brief descriptions about butterfly houses and formal gardens.

Hiking Among Cougars
Cougars are increasing in number. Wilderness hikers need to learn about basic cougar facts and what to do should you meet up with one. Thanks to a few tips I managed to scare away a pair of cougars

Be Prepared Should a Bear Cross your Path while Hiking
How to be safe hiking in bear country. Learn how to detect the presence of bears and read a few stories of bear encounters.

Scenic Hiking Trails in Colorado
View photos illustrating beautiful hiking trails in Colorado and get helpful information on them.

Rewarding Landscape Photography
Take great landscape photos with a few filters and pointers geared for mountains, water and sand.

Exploring the Beauty of Flower Photography
Flowers offer a vast array of shapes and colors for the photographer to experiment with; an exploration of composition and texture with various flowers, including orchids; some gardening tips.

Colorado Photo Hikes Photo Gallery
Colorado Photo Hikes Photo Gallery

How our Creator Inspires my Nature Photography
Growing up exploring Michigan's wilder areas, I have never lost my love for the great outdoors and now capture God's awe inspiring creation through nature photography. Read my testimony and a few phot

How Salvation through Jesus set me free from an oppresive depression
My testimony

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